10 Animated Logo Designs to Bring Your Brand to Life

Logos, also known as brand logos or company logos are unique symbols or designs that effectively communicate the identity, values, and purpose of the entity they represent.

They are the foundation of a brand’s visual identity, significantly shaping consumers’ perceptions and guiding their decision-making process.

This article will show some of the best animated logo design ideas to inspire your brand to get ahead.

Full 3D Logo Animation

Full 3D Logo Design Example

Full 3D logo animations are visually captivating and appealing ways to showcase a brand or company’s identity. These animations use the power of three-dimensional graphics to bring logos to life dynamically and engagingly. By incorporating various elements like lighting, shadows, textures, and movements, 3D logo animations elevate static logos into immersive visual experiences.

Armin B. is a senior motion designer with over 15 years of experience in animation & post-production, specializing in bringing stories to life using motion graphics, animation, and visual effects.

Check out his designs here: Armin B. 3D Logo Design

Stop Motion Animated Logos

Stop Motion Animated Logo Design Example

This unique animation style involves capturing a series of images or frames, with each frame slightly altering the position of the objects involved. When all the frames are played in sequence, it creates the illusion of movement. Stop-motion animation logos can add a fun and dynamic element to a brand’s identity, capturing the attention of viewers and making a memorable impact.

Liran is a professional stop motion animator, working with the world’s leading brands for the past decade, making their products come to life with the magic of stop motion!

Check out her designs here: Liran’s Stop Motion Animated Logos

Fresh 2D Animated Logo

Fresh 2D Animated Logo Design Example

2D animated logo has movement and dynamics, making it more memorable and engaging to the audience. With the use of animation techniques such as motion graphics and visual effects, a 2D animated logo can convey a brand’s values, personality, and message creatively and expressively. The animation can bring the logo to life, capturing the attention of viewers and leaving a lasting impression.

Arik is an expert in creating fresh 2D animation, at the highest professional standards, script to screen.

Check out his designs here: Arik’s 2D Animated Logo Designs

Animated Text Logo

Animated Text Logo Design Example

Animated Text Logos incorporates moving elements, such as text that rotates, slides, or fades in and out of view. Animation adds dimension to the logo, making it more engaging and memorable for viewers.

Whether used in commercials, websites, or social media platforms, animated text logos have the power to capture attention and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Sergiy Moroz has 3+ years of dense experience in motion graphics. He has experience in the creation of: • explainer videos • logo animation • presentations • advertising/promo videos • animated GIFs • chat stickers

Check out his designs here: Sergiy Moroz Animated Text Logos

Cartoonish Animated Logos

Cartoonish Animated Logo Design Example

This type of animation typically showcases a fun and playful approach, incorporating cartoon-like elements and characters to bring the logo to life. It often features vibrant colors, exaggerated movements, and humorous expressions to engage and entertain the audience. Cartoonish custom logo animation adds a sense of personality and charm to the brand, making it memorable and visually appealing.

M. Obada Hamwi is a Professional Creative Motion Designer & illustrator with more than 6 years of experience. He illustrates and animates videos like explainer videos and most frequently logo animation intros.

Check out his designs here: M. Obada Hamwi Cartoonish Animated Logos

Clickable Animated Email Signature with Logo Animation

Email Signature Logo Design Example

When recipients receive your emails, they will be greeted by a dynamic signature that instantly captures their attention. The inclusion of an animated logo adds an extra level of creativity and unique branding to your signature. The animation can be a simple motion that brings your logo to life, such as a gentle rotation or a subtle fade-in and out effect.

Gayane G is a motion graphics designer who can help animate your logo and create a ready-to-use email signature that will stand out and make your brand look more trustworthy.

Check out her designs here: Gayane G Animated Email Signature Logo Animation

4k Epic Logo Animation with Music

4k Epic Logo Animation with Music Example

At the heart of this logo animation is the unparalleled visual clarity offered by 4K resolution. The animation unfolds with a seamless blend of dynamic motion graphics, choreographed to highlight the unique aspects of the logo. Every visual element is synchronized with the musical score, creating a symphony of sight and sound.

Motion Bubble are skilled Motion Designers and Animators, experts in both 2D and 3D animation. With over 10+ years of experience, they are ready to bring your projects to life with custom logo animation according to your choice in 24 hours.

Check out their designs here: 4k Epic Logo Animation with Music

Unique YouTube Intro Logo Animation

Unique YouTube Intro Logo Animation Example

The Unique YouTube Intro Logo Animation isn’t just an introduction; it’s a brand statement. By combining a distinctive visual identity with motion graphics and a carefully curated audio experience, this intro stands as a testament to creativity and originality.

Alex Silva was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and considers himself an ambitious, creative, and hardworking person. He is often recognized for his commitment and strong work ethic by highly respected companies.

Check out his designs here: Alex Silva Unique Youtube Intro Logo Animation

3d Loop Viral Animation for Logo

3d Loop Viral Animation for Logo Example

Imagine a cool and eye-catching animation that never seems to end, making your logo the star of the show on the internet. That’s what a 3D Loop Viral Animation for a logo is all about! It’s like a magical dance for your brand symbol, where it keeps moving smoothly, looping over and over in a mesmerizing way. This kind of animation is like a digital boomerang, creating a hypnotic effect that people just can’t stop watching.

J2motion is an award-winning 3D Korean🇰🇷 artist based in NYC🇺🇸 creating super high-quality brilliant works by utilizing Cinema 4D, Octane Render, and Adobe Creative Suites.

Check out designs here: J2motion 3d Loop Viral Animation for Logo

Cool Intro or Outro Animation for Your Logo

Cool Intro or Outro Animation for Your Logo Example

It’s like the red carpet moment for your brand but in the digital world. Picture your logo strutting in with style, maybe doing a little dance or a high-five, introducing itself to the audience with flair. So, if you want your logo to make a statement and leave everyone smiling, a Cool Intro or Outro Animation is the secret sauce — it’s like giving your logo its star moment in the digital spotlight!

Lusine Bizon is an animator and motion graphics artist working with some amazing studios and talented people around the world!!

Checkout designs here: Lusine Bizon Cool Intro or Outro Animation for Your Logo

I hope you find this article helps you choose the best type of logo for your business.

Thanks for reading 🙂